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Our classes are designed with the student in mind to nurture every student through every step of their Irish Dance career! As associate members of CRN we have a very specific and nurturing curriculum to ensure that we are always giving students appropriate, yet challenging choreography for their level.

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Wee Ones (Ages 3-4)

Launch your little ones dance or athletic future developing motor skills, rhythm and group social skills as we jump and hop to fun Irish Music. Wee Ones will learn the basics of Irish dance in this fun, safe and supportive environment.

Tuesday 4:30-5:00

Beginner 1 (Ages 5-6)

Expand developing athletic skills, social skills, rhythmic sense and have a blast in our Beginner 1 class. Students will learn the basics of Irish dancing as they learn focus and teamwork. Through practice assignments, and clear goal setting your dancer will develop their determination and discipline.

Wednesday 4:15-5:00

Beginner 2/3 (Ages 7-9/10+)

Fun, teamwork-oriented, safe and developmental we will learn the basics of Irish dancing. Taking advantage of the basic skills this age group has already acquired this class will move faster challenging the older beginners at the appropriate level. With proper commitment and home practice this group can quickly move to Level One where they are instructed to find success in the competitive and or performance sides of Irish dance.

Thursday 4:15-5:00

Level 1

With a Celtic fire glowing, advancing dancers will seek to ignite their passion as we explore the foundations of competitive and or performance based Irish dance. Fun, wholesome, disciplined routines will teach the value of hard work leading to personal and team rewards. Either through the success of performing or participation in the success oriented graduated competitive environment of CRN.

Monday 6:15-7:15

Level 2

The place for your dancer to grow into. Level two will help dancers move to higher and higher levels of accomplishment in the CRN competition world and/or individual or group performances. In the CRN competitive world advancing success will be achieved and friendships from around the world will bloom.

Soft Shoe: Monday 4:45-5:30

Hard Shoe: Monday 5:30-6:15

Level 3

Our Pre-Championship dancers place in Level 3, the perfect place for the advanced-intermediate dancer.  Level 3 will help dancers continue with their CRN competition feats, or continue to push them in their performance pursuits.  

Tuesday 7:15-8:45

Adult Ceili Class

Why let the kids have all the fun? Aerobic and calorie-burning Irish Dance is a great workout. We will learn the traditional Irish group dances, called "Ceilis" in a fun social setting! There’s only 8 spots available in this class.

Thursday 7:30-8:30

Competition Class

When the passion ignites this extra class is designed to help refine the details and rigor required to find success in competitive Irish Dance. Even if you are not sure about going to a competition, this class is a great place for those dancers who would like a an opportunity to learn more on a regular basis.

Prerequisite: student must be enrolled in Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.

Tuesday 6;15-7:15

Thursday 6:30-7:30

Private Lessons

Shamrock Academy of Irish dance is lead by Allie Hartlein who is a Champion-level dancer and has achieved International competitive success. Allie is passionate about Irish dance and is currently pursuing her ODCRN. She will bring her extensive knowledge and teaching skill to the motivated dancer in these one on one extra sessions that can be booked on request.

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